Mount Black

Leading Skid Chain in Snow-Ice Cleaning

  • Snow chain with hexagonal mesh pattern, bright zinc coating and hardened against wear, reinforced with ice cleaning link and reinforcing bars.
  • Highest traction and braking safety against all kinds of forward and side slippage in the areas where there is intense snow struggle.
  • Easy assembly with self-locking internal and external forged locks
  • Copper / Zinc plated, hardened skid chain.
  • Abrasion resistant special manganese alloy steel
  • 9mm steel forged lock.
  • The tensioner is made of chain.
  • It is TSE Quality Certificate.
  • It is made of 8 mm reinforced “D” square chain.
  • Additional reinforcing rods made of square steel are welded to each link of the chain to increase both the traction and durability of the chain.
  • Tension chain and hooks are available.
  • Ideal for professional use in winter conditions.