LAS ZIRH, which has been in production since 1978, manufactures all components of a tire protection chain, in-house. LAS ZIRH chains are manufactured from alloy steel, the quality of which is determined specifically for each working environment, passed the EU certified, vaquumed crack control and manufactured under our high level technical specifications.

The forged links forming the protection chain are produced in 25 Kj and 16 Kj hydraulic hammers to maximize the strength and durability. The quality and designs of the links that are in direct contact with the ground are determined by our engineers with our experience of more than 40 years, according to each operating conditions.

Our rings, are being welded without using wire rods, electrodes or additional metal in our autamatic welding machines with high KNOW–HOW. Rings must pass the bending, tensile and compression tensile tests.

With our atmosphere-controlled furnaces with a capacity of 2 tons each, every step of the heat treatment is under automation and each process is recorded so perfect hardness and streght is guaranteed.