LAS ZIRH Tyre Chains are being manufactured from high wear resistant but flexible special chrome, manganese and molybdenum alloyed steel, manufactured in the EU. Certified, vacuumed and ultra sound controlled steel get manufactured under the technical specifications of Las Zırh for the production of tyre chains especially. LAS ZIRH manufactures its own links not a hot shaping but a real forging system at our own with 600, 800 and 1000 tonnes, Hydraulic Pneumatic Hammers, 5 hits per link, hardening the link as well.

Electronic Induction Heating system, before forging, heats each link equally and prevents links to burn out. All forging moulds are designed and produced at our own factory with CNC machines, which make each link perfect in order not to damage the tyres.

Extra strong chain rings are being welded with automatic flash butt welding system without any welding wire nor welding electrodes, and gettested with 40 tonnes pulling device. The priority of Las Zırh is always the health and safety of the employees and the environment friendly production.