Mehmet Efendi ŞEDELE was a businessman in Harput, in late 1800’s and he was engaged in the import and export business, dealing mainly with Russia and Egypt.

In 1920, his two sons, Fehmi and Hamdi ŞEDELE, leading businessmen of the region, founded the Elazığ Chamber of Commerce.

In 1978 Hamdi’s grandson, Hüseyin ŞEDELE, continued the family business tradition by manufacturing the frst Tyre Protection Chain in Turkey and established LAS ZIRH. Specialized in Tyre Chains, throughout the 1980’s this family run enterprise secured Patents and Trade Mark Registrations throughout the 1980’s for their innovations whilst establishing serial production.

In the 1990’s, LAS ZIRH became an integrated manufacturer by incorporatıng all the necessary production processes under its own roof. After its frst LAS ZIRH chain export to Greece in 1997, LAS ZIRH has established in itself in the Top 3 Tyre Chain export companies with exports to over 60 countries in 5 continents.

The frst and most successful Tyre Protection Chain manufacturer of the region, LAS ZIRH – ŞDL now has two production plants, a modern 10,000 square meters facility in Hadımköy in İstanbul and a 11,000 square meters facility located in Kırıkkale, Ankara.
With the addition of Traction Chain and Forestry Chain production, LAS ZIRH ŞDL has created a complete Tyre Chain product range to suit applications and the expectations of the clients throughout the World.