LAS ZIRH – ŞDL manufactures chains in totality in its own modern factories including forging, welding, heat treatment, mould making, quality control lab. in Istanbul and in Ankara Turkey with its own brand name, Patent, Industrial Design Rights and Engineering under the quality standards of EN – TSE 663 and ISO 9001 Quality Standart Certifcates.

LAS ZIRH – ŞDL has more than 4.000 end users in Open Pit and Underground Mining, Tunnelling, Quarrying, Recycling, Cement Plants, Forestry, Earth Moving, Hot Slag Operations, Scrap Yards, Metal and Glass Works, Foresty and Snow Removing.

LAS ZIRH – ŞDL has the capacity to produce TPC`s in every size for every type of tyre in 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 23 and 24mm models in Square, Hexagon and in Deca types.

Immediate delivery of the chains and spare parts from the stock. LAS ZIRH – ŞDL has its own logictics department for packaging of spare parts and wooden transport crates for the chains in E.U. and ISPM Standarts.